Patras Port Taxi

Transfer Services


All operations and activities of "Patras Port Taxi" are characterized by its responsible outlook. At the same time, "Patras Port Taxi" follows a reliable corporate policy that has the utmost respect for its relationships with passengers, customers, collaborators and workers, in the sector where it is active, as well as in all sectors which relate to its operation. 

"Patras Port Taxi" was founded by a group of  Mercedes taxi owners, who came together to provide a first class transport service to its clients. As a result, "Patras Port Taxi" guarantees a service for all routes, while at the same time welcomes the registration of new members. 

Our staff at "Patras Port Taxi" are highly specialized, with a good knowledge of the English language.

Communications phones:
Patras Port Taxi Transfer Services
Call centre: +30 694 6623780
Mobile:   +30 697 2259951


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